How to add a new page

Adding a new page (this will NOT automatically appear in your main menu)

  1. In the dashboard, click on the Pages link on the left
  2. Click on Add New below the All Pages option.
  3. Enter a headline for the page in the field that says “Enter title here”.

Now for the content bit

  • Below the Headline field, there are two blue button beside each other. They either say: Backend Editor / Frontend Editor or Classic Mode / Frontend Editor. If it says Backend Editor, click on it, so it’s toggled to say Classic Mode. You want the buttons to say Classic Mode / Frontend Editor. Once it says Classic Mode, the area below the blue buttons will change to say Visual Composer. That’s what you want to see.


In order to add text / your content, click on the big PLUS icon (see above) below the words Visual Composer. In the pop up window, select the option that says Text Block. This will show a popup where you can enter the content for the website. Remove the sample text, and enter your own content.3If below the Add Media button, you only see one line of buttons, click on the second last icon in the line of buttons (if you hover your mouse over it, it says Toolbar Toggle). This will switch on the second line of buttons, where you can select styles for your text. DO NOT MAKE HEADLINES BIGGER BY CHANGING THE TEXT SIZE OR MAKING THEM BOLD. Please choose the option Headline 1 in the drop down. By doing this, it will keep the layout consistent across your website.45

    • Enter the text in the field where the sample appears. You can create lists, centre text etc. but mainly try and stick to Paragraphs and Headlines using the drop down.
    • Once you are done, click the Save changes button in the content popup.
    • You’re not quite finished yet – click the blue Publish button on the right. If you have edited an existing page, the blue button will say Update instead of Publish.

6You can split your content into columns if you wish to style your page a bit more. Above your content block – but part of the content block – top left – there are 3 buttons (see below). POINT your mouse on the middle one (the one with the lines). Select the way you want to style your page – either 2 columns, or one third / two thirds etc. This will generate a new or several new columns where you can enter new text blocks as before – by clicking the plus icon in the centre of the new column you created.789Check out the different options, as you can also insert contact forms, or a gallery, or a youtube video, or a list of posts. If you want to try one out, and then remove, simply point your mouse on the unit which you just worked on and a green little popup menu appears. Simply click on the delete button to remove it. Or the pencil button, to edit again.10A – is the delete button for this column. Once pressed, you will delete this column, and the layout of the website will return to one column only. It will also delete the content (in this case the bit that starts with This is a headline.

B – This will delete the whole ROW – i.e. everything in this row – the left and right bit and it’s content. So you can start again by adding text.

C – This will delete the content bit in this column – but only this bit (in this case the bit that starts with This is a headline). It will not delete the column, it will only empty the column.

D – This pencil icon allows you to edit the content in this column. Click it and the text popup will appear again.

E – this allows you to arrange the content into more or fewer columns. You can change it with the content in place. It will not delete content. Always make sure you click the blue button on the very right hand side to UPDATE or PUBLISH a post or page, before that the changes will not be saved.