How to add PDF and PDF link / File Download

How to add a link to your text that allows your website visitors to download a file

  1. Prepare the file you want to upload on your computer. It’s best to upload PDF files, as not everyone can open WORD or Excel documents. Save the PDF file.
  2. In your website dashboard, click on the Pages link on the left. Select the page where you want to insert the link (for example “Contact Page”)
  3. With your mouse, click on the end of the paragraph after which you want to insert the link. Press Enter on your keyboard to add a new line / paragraph.
  4. Above the text box, click the button that says Add Media.
  5. At the top of the popup, select Upload Files.
  6. Then click the button Select files in the centre of the popup.
    Additional Product Info
  7. Browse to the file on your computer. Now wait until the file is fully uploaded (there is a progress bar at the top right).
  8. Once the file is uploaded (and the progress bar is gone), you need to enter some text in the Title field. This is the text that will be the LINK to the file. For example: “Additional Product Info for Widget ABCD”.
  9. Then further down, select the Link To Option Media File.
  10. Then press the button Insert into page.
  11. Now WAIT until the text you entered appears as a link. This can take a few seconds. Once it appears like this:  How to add PDF files you can press the Save changes button of your content box and then Update the page as usual.
  12. If you want to change the link text, click with your mouse anywhere within the linked text, and you will get a little popup. Click the pencil button first.
  13. Now click the Cog button.
  14. Now amend the text in the Link text field field as before and click the Update button.
  15. And save the changes and update your page.