How to amend menus / add pages to menus

How to amend menu options in existing menus

  1. Adding a new menu item:
    1. First, create the page you want to link to. Make sure the page is saved and published.
    2. Now create the menu item: In the Dashboard, in the left bar, click on Appearance, and select the Menus option. If you cannot see the Appearance Option, you may not have rights to amend the menus.
    3. On the top of the page, select the menu item you want to amend. There is a drop down selector which allows you to select the menu.

20A – In the dropdown, select the menu you wish to amend.

B – Once you selected the menu, click the Select button, to open the menu items that belong to this menu.

C – Tick the pages you wish to add to this menu.

D – Click the Add to Menu button.

E – Re-arrange the menu items by dragging them up and down with your mouse.

F – Save the menu.