How to add images to a post or page

If you want to insert an image, click the Add Media button in the Content Popup above the text field. Either select an image you previously uploaded, or upload a new one by selecting the Upload Files Tab in the Insert Media Popup.  Once uploaded, click the blue button Insert into page.

Before you upload images, make sure you resize them. You should not upload photos straight from a digital camera. You can do this via this website:

On that website, once you uploaded your image, click on the big yellow button and then select the CUSTOM option and select a maximum width of 1000 px for your image (do not enter the height, as this will be adjusted automatically). Don’t use any special effects unless absolutely necessary. Once finished, click Save to disk which will download the image with a much smaller file size and better for the website. Make sure that the file size of the photos you upload to your website is not larger than 250 kb (0.25 MB) per image.

Why not straight from camera / phone? The files will be 3MB or even larger in size and will take ages to download. This can mean that the website will be really slow to load. Website visitors are now using more and more phones and tablets to access websites. Unless they have a fast connection (especially when on the move) and the images won’t load, people might close the page before they see any content – because the files are too big! So this is an important one.15

If you have already uploaded images, you can pick them from the Media Library. Click on either one or several images and then click the blue Insert into page button at the bottom right.

Important: Please wait until you see the image appear in the text box. Sometimes an empty white box will appear with a little cross in it, this is not unusual. Press the Save Changes button in your text box and the image will be saved in the text box. Always remember to press the Update button too!