How to add a video

How to add a video to a page or a post

Important: Videos are NOT uploaded to your website. They are streamed from either YouTube or Vimeo. So if you want to show your own videos on your website, you need to create a YouTube account or Vimeo account first. Difference between YouTube and Vimeo?

YouTube: Adverts.

Vimeo: No Adverts. Simple.

  1. Open the page or the post you want to add the video to.
  2. Style the page with the columns the way you want to. Instead of adding a Text Box, you now want to select Video Player in the element selector. (when you click the PLUS for adding content to columns).


  • Open the video on You Tube or Vimeo you wish to embed.
  • Highlight the link to the video in the Address bar (the one at the very top of the browser)


  • Copy the code in the field with Ctrl+C on your keyboard.
  • Go back to the page on your dashboard, which you opened before.
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  • Paste with Ctrl+V on your keyboard the copied code into the Video Link field.
  • Click Save Changes. Then Update the page.