Commercial Photography Services

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Product Photography

Do you need your products photographed?

Staff Photographs

We have taken photographs of company staff for many years. All photos are provided in high resolution and are usually available the next business day.

We charge an hourly rate of £80. This includes editing of the images and delivery of the photographs as a high res download.

Business Portraits

During a business portrait session, we create between 20-40 photographs of one individual “doing business”. These images are usually required for online profiles, bio & about pages for your website, or if you need to submit them to publications.

Plan 90 minutes for a session.

Corporate Events

Every year, we photograph many events, from private business events, to large corporate awards ceremonies or company-away-days. All photographs will be made available within 1-2 business days after the event in high resolution.

Construction & Architecture

This is particularly useful for companies who need to show a portfolio with their previous projects they have worked on.

360 degree images

These images are great for showing off your property, or your restaurant or venue, or smaller spaces that allows people to have a proper look around – adjusting the angle they want to look at. Try it out!

Can I pay by card?

Yes, apart from AMEX, we accept all the major credit and debit cards. Once you accept a quote we have provided, a 30% deposit is due to be paid to get started. The rest would be due on completion of the project.

When will my photographs be ready?

  • Corporate events, staff photographs, business portraits: within 2 business days
  • Product photography: usually within one week. Please get in touch if you require them faster.
  • Aerial photographs: usually within one week. Please get in touch if you require them faster.

How much does it cost?

Local assignments (within 10 mile radius of Linlithgow) – the below charges apply. For assignments further away, we charge £0.45 per mile plus any parking charges.

  • Half day photography on site (4 hours): £350
  • Full day photography on site (8 hours): £500
  • One hour: £120
  • There is no extra charge for editing.
  • There is no extra charge for image files.

We are not VAT registered.

Do I own the copyright?

The copyright always stays with the photographers, Nadin and/or Mo. We will make the photographs available to you and we will give you an unlimited usage licence for your images. This means you can use them for your business and personal purposes in printed or digital form wherever you choose. The one thing you are not allowed to do is sell the photographs.

Where can I use my photographs?

The images will be edited and provided online, on our backup server for you to download in high resolution – usually within one to two business days. The photographs will be taken for your business, and we grant you a full licence to use the images for any business publication relating to your business.

Besides being used for promotion, the images can be used for printing in product brochures, annual reports, marketing material, online or in newspapers as well as specialist business magazines.