4-week SEO Masterclass

Improve your search engine rankings, have more people visit your website!

What you will learn:

  • Google and how people use it (and why this is important for SEO)
  • Technical website requirements
  • Target Customers vs. Keywords
  • Google Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Link Building
  • How to structure your website for better rankings
  • Business blogging for success

The online course is delivered through Kajabi. The course is developed and released to the founder members in January & February 2021.

We’d love to hear your feedback:

  • where have you stumbled
  • what could be explained better / easier
  • any areas that need more details
  • other areas that require more video walk-throughs


PS: The course will be available for general release in March/April 2021. The final course price will be around £600.


Founder Member Price Promise

£295 – 4 week course. (Course) Lifetime membership. 

What’s in it for you

SEO can be totally scary. There are a lot of courses out there, but they mostly explain the technical bits, but not the why.

We don’t just ask you to add lots of keywords to your website, we help you align this with your target customers, so that the people who will find your website will be more likely to contact you!

Our SEO Masterclass is a wholesome course and covers more than just the techie bits. We look at things from a user (your customer) perspective. With our help, you will be able to create a masterplan for your own SEO. After our course, you will feel excited knowing that your website can really push up the ranks in Google!

We do have techie things in the course, but we explain them step-by-step, in an easy to follow way. Stop and start the videos, download the PDFs and follow the cheat sheets.

We don’t use unethical “hacks”, but we come from an inbound marketing perspective. (Outbound means you are trying to convince customers to buy from you, Inbound means, customers are trying to find you!)

And then watch your website visitor numbers climb!

We particularly love working with small businesses who manage their own website, are keen to learn and not afraid to gain an edge in an area they are a little scared of, but they know that this will ultimately help their business succeed.

Ann-Maree and I (Nadin) have been talking about “doing something together” for quite some time.

Over two years ago, we were both experiencing Menopause “issues”, we were hoping to work on a product that helps menopausal women with their hotflushesAnn-Maree is Australian, I am German. So we came up with the name Koolya – Kool for cooling, but with a German K-spelling, and “ya” for Australian “you”.

For many reasons, we decided not to go ahead with the idea, but we kept the name. As we are both driven women entrepreneurs, involved with networking groups and contacts internationally, and we love helping other women and businesses succeed, we have now launched Koolya – Online Success for Small businesses. 

Our business is in Scotland where we both live.

We both had our support from many different sources and it’s our time to give back and help others start their business and thrive online.

We’d love you to have a Kool badge and elevate your business!

Ann-Maree Morrison, BCom, CA

Ann-Maree has been in ecommerce for over 16 years running the award winning SME online, www.labels4kids.com

She has worked on the 2012 Ecommerce Task Force for Europe for the UK Government and is Ecommerce Head for the W20 women’s advisory group to the G20 and a supporter of the Institute of Ecommerce in Scotland, whose Scaleup course is delivered by Strathclyde Business School. She has a background in Management Consulting, Chartered Accounting, Investigations and Insolvency work and almost 20 years in online retailing actually “doing” what larger companies often outsource.

Ann-Maree says “What people want to know is how to do it and not pay an arm and a leg for the priviledge. They want the real raw truths about what will work and what won’t. They don’t want the wrong agency telling them what they should do and charging them for what is often the wrong advice. It’s important to understand which agencies are worth listening to, what you are doing inhouse and what you are outsourcing and monitoring the quality and return on what you are getting back. You wouldn’t outsource the painting in your house without picking the colour scheme. Is what you are being told correct? Could you do it yourself or are you better not to? How do you do it? How do you find the right developer, or decide the right layout, scheme or website platform? With thousands of connections in the industry I can help you with most ecommerce questions and if not then I can point you to a person who can. For me, it’s about giving back and not reinventing the wheel, helping others go online successfully and scale.”

Nadin Thomson

Nadin’s been developing websites since 1999 working as a professional photographer and now Digital Marketer with great results. Nadin has been applying her methods to digital marketing with great results.

She worked as a technical author and translator, translating technical handbooks from English into German. She finds it easy explaining complex technical issues in easy to follow, step-by-step terms.

She absolutely loves helping small businesses with their online presence and helping them succeed.

In 2020, she studied a full year to gain a post graduate diploma in Digital Marketing and is now a Certified Digital Marketing Leader (Internationally certified by the Digital Marketing Institute).

Even though it’s all very geeky, Nadin loves her cats, she loves dotting (with acrylic paint). She’s a bookworm and always reads 2 or 3 books at the same time.