Wellness EQ – A membership website

Initially, the website project included a design-makeover of an exitsing WIX website. However, during the process and with the start of the Corona Pandemic, the business plans changed and the website was transformed to be a membership website, which helps people in improving their health through a better diet.

  • The website has a membership functionality, people can sign up and access additional content.
  • The website also has an online shop, where people can buy E-Books and other products.
  • The website integrates with an Email Automation from ConvertKit.


The pub has been reopened in August 2019 after it had been closed for 11 years. It has been busy from day one and the locals as well as visitors enjoy food and drink in our pub.


Mobile-friendly website

Initially the business was keen to build up a local client base in Scotland, before rolling it out online. However, due to the Corona Pandemic the business plan changed quicker than anticipated.

Furthermore, the initial logo was re-designed in a design contest on www.designcrowd.co.uk 

We also helped in designing the products for the online shop so they look appealing to potential buyers.

Wellness EQ Website

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