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Mindplay – Website for mentalist Drew McAdam

Mentalist /’men-ta-list/ noun. Someone skilled in non-verbal communication, who uses mental acuity, observation and suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behaviour.

Drew McAdam, “Scotland’s foremost mind reader” according to the BBC, has entertained and baffled representatives from almost every major commercial company you can think of. He has also demonstrated his mind-boggling demonstrations everywhere from the US to Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Sicily, and across Europe to Africa.

Many years ago, we took a lot of photographs for Drew, and he still uses them for his brochures and online. We developed a website for him quite a while back, and it was now necessary, to update the website so he can add his own gigs, photos and events. The website is also multi-responsive and works on all sorts of different devices.

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