GDPR affects every business. EVERY business.

If you have a website, you need to make changes to it so that it complies with the GDPR guidelines.

Please read this article to get started – about GDPR

The deadline is 25 May 2018. Yes. THAT SOON.

If you have a contact form on your website, and that form collects and processes information and sends them to you, you need to amend that form. You need to amend website policies. You need to make your website secure. Otherwise, you will run the risk to be fined by the ICO (government organisation).

I have prepared website T&Cs, cookie policies and data protection information to be implemented on your website. Please bear in mind that you are fully responsible about your website content, not the web designer.

This is hugely important and every business is asked to comply.

What you should know about SSL and Google (the little padlock)

Please read this little article.

Data Protection Policy

You are responsible for the implementation of a data protection policy in your business. There are many rules around GDPR and I am helping businesses implement the requirements for your website.

Unfortunately, it’s not a 2 minute job, but does require 2-3 hours per website / client.

Please make sure you have your own data protection policies in place.

More information can be found on ICO.ORG.UK.

Who enforces GDPR compliance?

Please read this little article.

What if I do nothing?

Please read this little article about the possible fines.

More Resources

There is no contact form on my website.

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Please remove my contact form!

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I need a contact form on my website!

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I have an online shop or booking form.

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