SEO Masterclass Founder Member

4-week SEO Masterclass

Improve your search engine rankings, have more people visit your website!

What you will learn:

  • Google and how people use it
  • Technical website requirements
  • Target Customers vs. Keywords
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Link Building
  • How to structure your website for better rankings
  • Business blogging for success

The course is delivered through Kajabi and every week a new module is released. The course is developed and released to the founder members in January and February 2021.

We'd love to hear your feedback:

  • where have you stumbled
  • what could be explained better / easier
  • any areas that need more details
  • other areas that require more video walk-throughs

PS: The course will be available for general release in March/April 2021. The final course price will be around £595

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