We are web designers in Scotland

Start small, get going fast!

When you start out in business, there are a lot of outlays and the website design is just one of them. We have made it easy for our clients and offer a monthly plan. There is only a small fee at the start of the project, but then your monthly fee covers the rest.

Here’s what’s included in all our plans:

  • Annual Web Hosting (typical UK hosting package ranges from £50-£100 per year).
  • Daily website backups – gives you that peace of mind.
  • Personal contact by e-mail here in Scotland – speak our support team who is here to help.
  • Depending on your plan, at least one, if not several email accounts.
  • Security updates of your website.
  • Domain Name Renewals (your .co.uk domain renewal is included).

Depending on your plan, it can also include:

  • Content updates.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Regular photography.

Get started for £149!

Based on our clients’ needs and our experience, we have come up with a few packages which will make it easy for you to get started with your website.

If you just want a very small website – Homepage, Contact Page, Service Page, your monthly fee is as little as £14.95! And we will guarantee that your website can be up and running within a few days – provided you give us all the information required (text, content, photos, logo etc.).

Do you need a logo?

We are happy to put you in touch with our team of designers who are happy to help with your logo requirements and they usually turn around the designs quite quickly. We can also help with business card design and printing too!

Card payments

We can take payments by card over the phone to get your project started. Just give us a buzz.

Corporate Websites

Custom Design

We have developed many websites for large companies over the years, and some customers keep coming back for having a re-design of their site after a few years, to freshen it up, or add new functionality, such as a shop, or a blog etc.

We cannot put a price tag on a custom-designed website, but we’d be happy to meet and discuss your requirements. Have a look below at a few websites we have developed:

Additional services we can provide:

  • VPS Website Hosting.
  • Daily website backups.
  • Personal contact by e-mail here in Scotland – speak our support team who is here to help.
  • Security updates of your website.
  • Content updates.
  • Corporate photography. Product photography. Staff photographs.

Depending on your plan, it can also include:

  • Content updates.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Regular photography.


If you require any aspect of your website to be translated into German, or you deal with Germany regularly, please let us know if we can help – Nadin is from Germany originally and fluent in German.

Take the cobwebs off your old website

We can help you brush up your existing website so it is fully functional on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet computers. We will enable you to make changes to your updated website so you start blogging, add news and events. We can add Facebook and Twitter feeds to your website and help you engage with your online audience.

Multi-responsive websites are our strength -for businesses in Edinburgh, Falkirk, West Lothian.

Get started with a professional look

Start up your business with a professional appearance online – this means a website which looks sleek and can be accessed on different devices. It means proper photographs of your products, staff and premises, and a professional look on different social media platforms.

We can create a business website quite quickly ready for your business launch, or if you want to add pages to different media platforms and get some guidance about Social Media, give us a call.

WordPress Websites Are Our Expertise – Update Your Own Website

Our main expertise is in WordPress websites. We use the most versatile Open Source Software on the Market – WordPress. Websites which have a WordPress back-end can be updated by the website owner without the knowledge of website code. It’s almost like Word on your Computer!

We work with talented designers to create a website solution for your organisation. You will then be able to update the website yourself, add photos, blog posts, integrate Facebook and other social media, gather statistics and provide an up-to-date brochure for your potential clients.

So if you want to add the occasional offer to your website or add a news item, there is no need to get in touch with a web designer. You can simply add it yourself! All you need is a computer with internet access. After your website has gone live, we can show you how to make updates easily, and add new content and photographs.

Take away the mystery from Social Media

“Online” is our business, we are online, we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we look at Pinterest, and we are on LinkedIn. Not all platforms are right for every business, but we can help you figure out which one will work for your organisation. We can help you set up powerful social media pages for your business, get you started to create a buzz around your products and services and help you create a schedule for your social media activities.

We will take the mystery out of the different platforms and give you the confidence in using them for your business.

Domain Name Registration

We are happy to help you select a professional domain name for your business. If you don’t know where to start – just give us a call and we will talk you through. If you don’t know much about domain names, we would recommend using the UK based site www.123-reg.co.uk for domain name registration.

A .co.uk domain name is only about £5 per year, a .com domain name is only about £10 per year. When you start up a business, you do not need to register every domain option available, such as mybusiness.co.uk, mybusiness.com, mybusiness.net and so on. Unless you are Amazon, there is absolutely no need in registering every option.

What business name? Domain Name

Have a look at Igor International – a Naming Agency – for some inspirational advice.

Company E-mail Addresses

When you buy a domain through a domain name registration website such as 123-reg, they will offer you the purchase of an email account during the domain registration process. They may charge £5-£10 per domain per year, some companies charge even more. The most important thing to know is that these “cheap!!” email accounts are only POP/IMAP accounts with only a very limited amount of storage space (sometimes as little as 200 MB). If you are in business – this space will be used up in a matter of weeks.

If you are having a website developed, your website requires web hosting space (where the website files are stored). Most web hosting companies offer you POP/IMAP accounts free of charge, so there is no need in paying for them separately.

We would, however, advise the setup of a proper business email address through Microsoft 365. The most cost-effective solution is around £40 per year. This will give you 25 GB of space as well as the option to use Online Versions of Microsoft Word, Excel etc. 25 GB will take you years to fill up. The emails will also sync properly with phones, tablet computers, your laptop etc. This means if you delete an email on your phone, it will automatically be deleted on your laptop and your tablet too. POP Email accounts do not offer the same amount of flexibility, and most certainly no backup.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically online storage space  for the files that are required to display your website, such as the content pages, photographs and so on.

Web hosting prices vary dramatically from £1 per month to several £100 per year. If you are inexperienced, you may want to opt for the cheapest version, but we can only advise against that.

Cheap web hosting packages are mostly on shared servers. This means one web server hosts several websites at the same time. And in the very cheap offers, it can mean that too many  websites of many different companies are stored on one server which will result in a very slow website. Because the web server is so busy displaying websites of so many other companies, and the server (which is basically a computer) may not have a lot of memory. So when your website visitors look up your website through Google, they may be presented with a white page for a number of seconds before the website is displayed. This means you are loosing customers before they actually see your website.

We offer shared web hosting too, but we use a reputable company based in the UK which do not “over-pack” their servers.

We also offer VPS hosting. This means that we configured a server with web space, memory and processors – similar to buying a computer and configuring it for your own needs. We then only host 5 or 10 websites on this server and we can monitor clearly which websites are very busy. We can add memory, storage and processor speed so that everyone benefits from a fast website.

Recent Websites we have built